Sci Fi Movie Podcast 2013 Review


Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Cris Nicholls, Jonathan Colbon and Ian Fults

This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Jonathan and Ian are joined by Author Cris Nicholls who has just released his new novel “Talon: Rising“.

As the Christmas holidays approach and 2013 comes to a close, we take a bit of time to look back at the first 20 movies we reviewed on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast. The real goal was to give our listener a chance to chime in and comment on shows that have already been released.  Also, it gave Jonathan a long overdue chance to comment on the movies that aired before he joined the podcast.

Sci Fi Movie Podcast Talon: Rising

Thanks very much to Cris Nicholls for joing us on the show. You can find his paperback novel “Talon: Rising” at

Kindle Version

Here’s the story description:

Hayden Lake is as surprised as anyone when he gets hand picked by his hero to become the next star of the hottest show “Freedom Force’. He could never have predicted that he would grow up to become the breakout superstar everyone knows as Talon. His unparalleled career smashes every record and ultimately ends in the most shocking four minutes the world has ever seen. Soon everyone on the planet would know the name, Talon. He would be loved or hated; nothing in between. Whether he is remembered as a ‘criminal’ or a ‘hero’ will be irrelevant. He will have changed the course of history, forever. —- Talon Rising chronicles New Earth in the near future where soldiers are only as good as their last high score and war is just another channel in a good cable package.

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast 2013 Review Show