Sci-Fi Movie Podcast – A Chat With Sci-Fi Actress Tracey Birdsall


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A Chat with Sci-Fi Actress Tracey Birdsall

Podcast length: 33:05

Actress, Model and Producer Tracey Birdsall

Actress, Model and Producer Tracey Birdsall

This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem had the opportunity to chat with Tracey Birdsall, Actress, Model, Writer and Producer, and star of the upcoming Sci-Fi Movie “Robot Fighter“, slated for release in 2016.

We had a very interesting conversation about Robots, Artificial Intelligence and what place they have and may have in our future.  Will an actual Robot revolution occur?  Tracey shared an interesting perspective on technology and where it’s taking us.

We also chatted about the Sci-Fi Movies that Tracey is looking forward to this year, and answered the nerd question “Who would you want by your side in the Apocalypse? Ellen Ripley from ‘Alien’ or Sarah Connor from ‘The Terminator’.


In talking with Tracey, we learned more about her acting style and training, and Tracey puts her heart an soul into each role, saying “If you’re not experiencing it, then you audience isn’t going to experience it to the same degree”.

Tracey Birdsall and Dazz Crawford on set filming "Robot Fighter"

Tracey Birdsall and Dazz Crawford on set filming “Robot Fighter”

Tracey is currently filming the Adult Comedy “Who’s Jenna Jameson” with release scheduled for 2016.

With all the classic movies being rebooted, we asked Tracey which movie she’d like to see rebooted and star in.  Her response? Logan’s Run! 

We also chatted about practical vs. computer effects, and how practical effects can make for a more realistic feel.  On “Dawn Of The Crescent Moon“, Tracey talked about working with acting legend Barry Corbin

Speaking of scary moves, Rem asked Tracey about how to shoot a scary movie without being afraid to go to sleep.  Tracey said once you get a handle on the effects and how they’re being done, it really takes away the fear.  The one film that still scares her? The Exorcist!

Thanks very much to Tracey Birdsall for joining us on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast and we look forward to having her join us to discuss a Sci-Fi movie in the near future.

Keep up with Tracey’s work by following her on Twitter @traceybirdsall1 and Facebook. Visit Tracey’s website at


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Sci-Fi Movie Podcast – A Chat With Sci-Fi Actress Tracey Birdsall