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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Kevin Bachelder, Jonathan Colbon and Ian Fults

Sci Fi Movie Podcast Buckaroo BanzaiThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Jonathan and Ian are joined by Kevin Bachelder from the Tuning in to SciFi TV Podcast to review “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” from 1984 and directed by W.D.Richter. Considered by many to be a cult classic, Buckaroo Banzai combines science, rock ‘n’ roll and aliens into a quirky and sometimes confusing about story about a modern day hero who must save the world from Alien invaders and nuclear war with Russia.

The Positive:
Buckaroo Banzai is fun and fast paced, clever and often over the top, but in a good way. Though the dialogue is easy to miss, it’s clever if you catch what’s being said.  You’ll certainly get more each time you watch it.  The casting is strong, and speaking of over the top, John Lithgow turns in one of the most memorable performances of his career.  On repeat watching, you’ll likely pick up many gems that you might have missed on the first viewing.

The Negative:
If you’re looking for light, straight forward entertainment, you’ll likely find yourself confused and disappointed with Buckaroo Banzai. The movie doesn’t follow the typical story structure we see in most movies, and that might leaving you thinking this movie is just low budget crap.  It takes a few viewings to have appreciation for the movie, and even then, some just won’t like it.

Watch it once to say you did. If you found it amusing or entertaining, watch it again to see what you missed the first time around.  It’s a cult film for a reason, and it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste. Give it a watch with an open mind and a sense of humor, and you might be glad you did!

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During the show, Kevin mentioned the upcoming ‘B Movie Celebration’ August 8-10th at the Brown County Playhouse in Nashville, Indiana

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Buckaroo Banzai