Sci Fi Movie Podcast Fahrenheit 451


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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults, and Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 1:03:15

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Fahrenheit 451This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Ian, Rem and Jonathan discuss “Fahrenheit 451” from 1966 and directed by Francois Truffaut.

The Positive
Ian considers this a perfect example of Sci-Fi movies holding up the mirror for society to see itself, and we can certainly use this as a cautionary tale for when controlling powers seek to limit our access to information and learning.  Jonathan liked how the very positive role of a Fireman was turned on it head and drew a comparison between the movie Firemen and the Nazi SS.


The Negative
Sure, it’s a movie that looks dated, but it’s almost 50 years old! The Firemen with the Jetpacks looks almost comical now, but might have been impressive when it first came out.  Jonathan thought the movie was poorly acted and directed, and thought the idea was better than the actual execution.

The Verdict
Fahrenheit 451 is a film that will certainly inspire thought and conversation, which is the sign of an important movie. Jonathan thinks the movie had interesting ideas, really wasn’t a great movie. Rem and Ian enjoyed the movie and consider this required viewing.

We also answer the question: If writing were outlawed, which book would we choose to be?

Director: Francois Truffaut

Writers: Ray Bradbury

Julie Christie – Clarisse / Linda Montag
Oskar Werner – Guy Montag
Cyril Cusack – The Captain
Anton Diffring – Fabian / Headmistress


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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Fahrenheit 451