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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Tony, Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 1:01:16

Godzilla 2014 PosterThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into Godzilla 2014 directed by Gareth Edwards.

We’re very glad to invite Tony, our resident Godzilla expert back to the Podcast to dig into the newest installment in the Godzilla series.

The Positive
One thing is for sure, Gareth Edwards loves Godzilla. This can be seen very clearly in the way to Edwards lovingly portrays this iconic creature from the opening sequence with a tremendous amount of detail in the opening credits, through to hints of other Godzilla friends and foes such as Mothra and Rodan that could very well appear in upcoming Godzilla films. The Godzilla design is interesting and fresh and a significant and welcome departure from the 1998 Godzilla imagined by Roland Emmerich. Fans of Godzilla will be very pleased to see the great attention to detail was paid to the character and ensuring that Godzilla was represented in a way that would do fans and the Toho Studios proud.


The Negative
If you’re not a fan of Godzilla, then you’ll probably want to pass on this newest installment. If you’re a fan of solid acting you may also wish to pass on this movie. Aside from Bryan Cranston, the performances by Aaron Taylor-Johnson Elizabeth Olsen where somewhat weak and wooden. Of course, if you dig too far into the storyline you’re going to find errors inconsistencies and things that just don’t make sense one. One of the most common complaints from viewers is that Godzilla is not shown enough in the film. If you were there just to see the creature then you’re going to be disappointed.


The Verdict
If you were looking for a fun summer film, you may enjoy Godzilla, buth the tone is somewhat dark and the film is really geared more towards the Godzilla fan. For the non fan it can be an entertaining action film. For the Godzilla fan this is welcome re-imagining of Godzilla and possibly one of the best ways to reintroduce Godzilla to a whole new generation.

Gareth Edwards

Max Borenstein & David Callaham

Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Ford Brody
Elizabeth Olsen – Elle Brody
C.J. Adams – Young Ford
Ken Watanabe – Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Bryan Cranson – Joe Brody
Carson Bolde – Sam Brody
David Strathairn – Admiral William Stenz
Richard T. Jones – Captain Russell Hampton

Godzilla 2014 trailer

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Godzilla 2014