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Hosted by Rem, Rob, Ian and Jonathan

Sci Fi Movie Podcast Independence DayThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Jonathan and Ian dig deeper into Independence Day from 1996 and directed by Roland Emmerich.

We’re very pleased to be joined by Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) from Rob Has A Website and Post Show Recaps to talk about on the biggest scale Alien Invasion films ever made.

The Positive:
Independence Day is a really big movie, and really delivers large scale entertainment.  The guys all have fond memories of seeing ID4 in the theatre.  On first viewing, it’s a fast paced thrill ride with great special effects and a strong cast.

The Negative:
As we’ve observed with previous Roland Emmerich movies, we observed the characterization  in Independence Day to be rather weak.  Emmerich also employs the standard ‘last minute’ tropes that the to haunt his other films. As we said on the positive, it’s a fast paced thrill ride.  On subsequent viewing, we find the ride to be built on shaky ground.

This is the quintessential popcorn movie.  Independence Day is fun to watch and then forget.  Not alot to think about when you’re done watching it, but it’s a fun escape movie.

Space ship comparison chart

Director: Roland Emmerich

Writers: Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin


Will Smith – Captain Steven Hiller
Bill Pullman – President Thomas J. Whitmore
Jeff Goldblum – David Levinson
Mary McDonnell – First Lady Marilyn Whitemore
Judd Hirsch – Julius Levinson
Robert Loggia – General William Grey
Randy Quaid – Russell Casse
Margaret Colin – Constance Spano
Vivica A. Fox – Jasmine Dubrow
James Rebhorn – Albert Nimziki
Harvey Firestein – Marty Gilbert
Adam Baldwin – Major Mitchell
Brent Spiner – Dr. Brackish Okun

Trailer for Independence Day

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Independence Day