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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into “Jurassic World” from 2015 and directed by Colin Trevorrow.

The Positive
Whether you consider this a continuation of the original story or a reboot, Jurassic World certainly delivers excellent visual effects and sound design. There was an interesting theme around corporate greed and the never ending quest for more, and there some interesting ethical debates about not only the resurrection of dinosaurs, but their subsequent genetic manipulation.


The Negative
While trying to make a statement about corporate culture and greed, Jurassic World really falls into the trap it’s trying to criticize.  By throwing in the obligatory kids plot line, the film tries to cash in on younger audiences.  By the end, we’re mostly cheering for the dinosaurs.

The Verdict
You can skip this one and re-watch the original.

 Listener Feedback

Jennifer Robertson
Jurassic World sadly reminded me of my age and the fact I was no longer the target audience for summer blockbusters anymore. I was expecting to relive the excitement I felt seeing the first movie 20 years ago, and instead I left with a sad empty feeling for noticing that BDH was running faster than a T-Rex in her stilettos for a few moments. At least I am old enough to buy alcohol, which helped.

Josh Adams
It’s supposed to be fun, and everyone and their mother saw it, so I’m supposed to like it. However, it’s about as big and dumb as a Transformers movie to me, nostalgic accents aside.

Jamie Lomas
Jurassic World was a bit too mushy at the end for me (Aw, go Raptor, go!), but all in all, it was very solid. My 2nd favorite movie in the series (after the original, of course).

Nick Jensen
I enjoyed the original Jurassic Park when it came out but it was never a favorite movie of my childhood, so when Jurassic World came was announced I didn’t really care that much; I have no plans to see it and hear it is a typical summer blockbuster.

Michael Claudio
I love the concept of Jurassic World of the park actually succeeding and then its downfall being greed. The need for sponsorship and more money led to the park’s failure. I thought it was great to see Starlord take a break from Guardians of the Galaxy to help the park out when it needed it the most. Overall I enjoyed the movie, sure it wasn’t Jurassic Park, but it was what I expected it to be.

Anthony Farnsworth
She ran away from the t-rex in high heels.

Lily McGrattan
Jurassic World was an enjoyable movie filled with fluff.

Dusty Tweedhope
Jurassic park was decent in my books. The movie wasn’t without a good amount of cheesy moments, but overall, it was pretty tolerable. The characters were developed quite well, and I found myself cheering for them during the tense scenes. There was some stupid-decision making for SURE, but at least it let to some good action. Watching my wife jump at the scare scenes was sweet, and laughing at the funny moments made the night a fun experience. Of course, this flick couldn’t touch the magic I felt watching the first JP when I was in grade 5, but I found it better than the other follow ups. Overall, a fun night with a few jumps, and a few laughs made it a memorable flick.

Liz Irwin
Jurassic World was a really funny movie and way better than any other successors to the original movie. I think the casting is what really sold this movie. And the dinosaurs, you can never go wrong with dinosaurs. Actually you CAN go wrong with dinosaurs but they didn’t this time

Doug Ferguson
Jurassic World had its entertaining sequences for sure, but left itself way open for scrutiny by having characters that are too dumb to care about. It seemed to care more of checking off a nostalgia list than telling a good human story. They pandered to what they thought people wanted a Jurassic Park movie to be, but what people wanted was a story as well told as the original. I appreciate that at least this sequel felt like it had a point, unlike Jurassic Park 3 which was one of the most useless and pointless movie I’ve ever seen. This was way better than that. All in all… meh.

Balbinder Bhatia
Jurassic world though by no means a perfect film, (sorry Bryce Dallas Howard, I just didn’t care for your character Claire at all), it did have fleeting moments now and again that took me back to being younger and seeing Jurassic Park for the first time and being filled with wonder. The rest was padded out with some great action sequences, the inevitable family drama and of course freaking Awesome Dinosaurs!

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Jurassic World