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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Jonathan Colbon and Ian Fults

Podcast length: 49:04

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Mad MaxThis time on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into  “Mad Max” from 1979 and directed by George Miller.

The Positive
Mad Max was a film made on a very small budged, but gave us a fresh take on a Dystopian future Australia. Max also went on to inspire ‘Mad Max 2’ and ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’. This was also our first introduction to a young Mel Gibson.  Rem appreciated that George Miller wanted to cast unknown actors so viewers wouldn’t have associations with actors and previous movies.

The Negative
Mad Max comes across as very dated, and the music seemed ham fisted and amatueuristic. Ian didn’t find this to be a Sci-Fi movie, but more of a revenge thriller like ‘Death Wish’. Rem found the Dystopian angle wasn’t convincing, and the characterization was wildly over the top. Jonathan found the movie did a poor job of establishing the post energy crisis world.  Does Dystopia still have radio, TV and power?  Apparently so.

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The Verdict
Is Mad Max necessary Sci-Fi viewing? If you’re watching it for the first time, you may find it lacks the punch it may have had when released in 1979.  Watch it if you want to see the two sequels. But as a stand alone film, I’d pass. Instead, go watch ‘The Road’, there’s some bleak Dystopia!

Director: George Miller

Writers: George Miller, James McCausland, Byron Kennedy

Mel Gibson – Max
Joanne Samuel – Jessie
Hugh Keays-Byrne – Toecutter
Steve Bisley – Jim Goose
Tim Burns – Johnny the Boy
Roger Ward – Fifi


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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Mad Max