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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Jonathan Colbon and Doug Ferguson

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Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Men in BlackThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “Men In Black” from 1997 and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

The Positive
This is a great Sci-Fi Comedy, and still holds up well for a movie nearly two decades old.  The ‘buddy connection’ between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith was a real standout, two strong actors who create an chemistry greater than the sum of its parts.  The visual effects stand up surprisingly well, and we consider the first Men In Black to be the best of the franchise.


The Negative
Doug found some of the characterization was not quite in sync with how the dialogue described the characters, and Rem and Jonathan didn’t buy Vincent D’Onofrio’s interpretation of Edgar the Bug.  And how could the full size bug fit into that Edgar suit?

The Verdict
Men in Black is a fun movie, and it stands up well for its age.  We suggest you watch the first one and skip the sequels.

Big thank you to Doug Ferguson for joining us this week. Doug has two Podcasts:

Music A to Z Podcast

Checking The Gate Podcast

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Men in Black