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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults, Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 53:15

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - MetropolisThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “Metropolis” from 1927 and directed by Fritz Lang.

The Positive
Widely considered to be one of the first and most important Sci-Fi Movies of all time.  Jonathan was impressed by the large scope and grandeur of the movie.  This is a story that can be explored on multiple levels, and repeat viewings might be necessary to fully appreciate it.



The Negative
It’s very difficult to be overly critical of Metropolis, considering it came out in 1927. The only real problem we see is that it might not be a film most would seek out.  Through no fault of its own, this won’t be a film most would reach for on a Saturday night.  It’s a long movie and it’s a silent movie, so it might be a difficult viewing if you’re expecting something akin to Pacific Rim or Transformers.

The Verdict
We all agree that Metropolis is essential Sci-Fi viewing, even for the casual Sci-Fi Fan.  You’ll see some interesting ideas and themes that would be play out in movies that followed.

Director: Fritz Lang

Writers: Thea Von Harbou & Fritz Lang

Brigitte Helm – The Machine Man & Maria
Alfred Abel – Joh Fredersen
Gustav Frohlich – Freder, Joh Fredersen’s son
Rudolph Klein-Rogge – Rotwang the Inventor
Fritz Rasp – The Thin Man
Theodor Loos – Josaphat
Erwin Biswanger – 11811 Georgy
Heinrich George – Grot – Guardian of the Heart Machine

Ian mentioned this story:

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price of Seattle cuts his salary to boost company’s minimum wage to $70K

The Metropolis Anime  from 2001



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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Metropolis