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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Jonathan Colbon and Trevor Laboucane

Podcast length: 52:24

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Moon PosterThis time on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, we’re digging deeper into “Moon“, a sparse and minimalist Sci-Fi triumph from 2009, and first time Director Duncan Jones.

The Positive
It was unanimous that Sam Rockwell carried this movie and did it brilliantly.  Trevor always loves a good clone movie and we concluded that clones tend to get the short end of the stick in most Sci-Fi movies.  We talked a bit about ‘Clone rights’ and how we might handle these issues in the future. Rem was pleased to see a computer (Gerty) that wasn’t bent on killing the humans.  Gerty is like a non-murderous HAL9000.  There are plenty of ideas to explore, such as the ability for humans to thrive in isoloation in hostile environmets, how corporations might view and use clone technology in the future, and most importantly, Moon asks fundamental questions about Humanity and our place in the future.

Moon is a standing lesson to all Directors and Sci-Fi Directors in particular, showing that it’s possible to tell an interesting and thoughtful story set in the future and it doesn’t have to be spectacular (Explosions and bloated effects budgets) to be good.

The Negative
Jonathan found the pace to be pretty slow, and since the film drew a lot from 2001: A Space Odyssey, we can certainly see that.  Thought a well told story, there were points where Moon felt a little boring.  Rem found the fight sequence to be a bit contrived.   Trevor noticed that the technology give it a somewhat dated look.

The Verdict
One of the few times we all agreed! We concur that Moon is a great Sci-Fi Movie and is a refreshing change from the typical soul sucking summer blockbuster.  Be patient, though.  It’s not fast and splashy, but Moon is quintessential Sci-Fi watching.

Director: Duncan Jones

Writers: Duncan Jones & Nathan Parker

Sam Rockwell – Sam Bell
Kevin Spacey – Gerty (Voice)
Dominique McElligott – Tess Bell
Rosie Shaw – Little Eve

Moon Trailer

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Moon