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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Dallas Ross, Jonathan Colbon and Ian Fults

Podcast length: 56:38

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Plan 9 from Outer SpaceThis time on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, we’re digging deeper into “Plan 9 from Outer Space” from 1959, directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.  We’re happy to welcome back Dallas Ross, who first appeared on our two part series on Batman.

The Positive
With Plan 9,  you either hate it or love it for how bad it really is. Both Rem and Dallas look at Plan 9 as a shoestring film cobbled together with love and promises by a very unique and eclectic Director. Neither Ian nor Jonathan like it.  Really, they both hated it.  Ian liked the stock military footage more than the actual movie and Jonathan had to pass on the ‘What Works’ part of the show.

The Negative
Trying to find what’s wrong with Plan 9 really isn’t fair.  It’s like arm wrestling a baby (Not sure how Rem came up with that one).  Sure, everything about it is awful. What’s the Negative? From start to finish, it’s negative.

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The Verdict
Plan 9” is not a film to watch if you’re looking for serious viewing. Skip it and go to something else.  However, if you love Sci-Fi and you enjoy learning about the history of the genre, then Plan 9 is a must watch.  Not only will it show you a thousand things not to do, it’ll give you a glimpse into the work of a man who despite a lack of talent, funding and trained actors, DID IT ANYWAY.

Director: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Writer: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Gregory Walcott – Jeff Trent
Mona McKinnon – Paula Trent
Tor Johnson – Inspector Clay
Bela Lugosi – Ghoul Man
Criswell – Narrator

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Plan 9 from Outer Space Movie Trailer

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Plan 9 from Outer Space