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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Jonathan Colbon and Ian Fults

Podcast length: 55:40

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - PrimerThis time on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, we’re digging deeper into “Primer” from 2004, directed by Shane Carruth.

The Positive
This is a film that really should be shown to aspiring Directors in film school. It breaks all the rules of the bloated blockbuster and tells a compelling (albeit complicated) story about how two inventors accidentally created a time travel device, and then struggle with the ramifications of their newly discovered technology.  Shane Carruth wrote, directed and starred in the film and created an intelligent and compelling Sci-Fi movie for about $7000.00, a rare feat indeed.  This story story explores what happens when incredible technology is put in the hands of those who might not be ready to use it wisely.


The Negative
Shane Carruth said that he didn’t want to dumb down the film for the audience, and that tends to work against it.  It’s certainly doesn’t need to be Michael Bay dumb, but Primer could have used more friendly and maybe slower dialogue to really convey what was going on.  Two thirds of the way through, Rem started tuning out, since it’s hard to care about something when you really don’t know what’s happening.  It has that level of ‘Donnie Darko’ complexity, where you might not get it during the first viewing.  If you don’t like movies that require multiple viewings or additional reading, you’ll likely find Primer to be frustrating.

The Verdict
Primer is a great film to see what’s possible with $7000.00.  If you’re somewhat versed in the mechanics of time travel, you might be able to follow it, but be prepared to watch it a few times. If you’re looking for light, happy movie viewing, skip Primer.  If you dug the brain bending qualities of Donnie Darko and other time travel movies, Primer will pleasantly surprise you.

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Primer

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Thanks to Steve from The StrainCast for submitting live feedback on Primer.

Director: Shane Carruth

Writer: Shane Carruth


Shane Carruth – Aaron
David Sullivan – Abe
Casey Gooden – Robert
Anand Upadhyaya – Phillip
Carrie Crawford – Kara

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Primer Movie Trailer

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Primer