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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem dig deeper into “Reign of Fire” from 2002 and directed by Rob Bowan.

The Positive
This is a movie that takes Dragons seriously, very seriously, and we found this gritty portrayal of the typical mythical beast to interesting and refreshing.  We see a world that is harsh and desolate, with a grey tinge to everything, like a world burned by dragons.  We also appreciated the attempt to show a plausible scenario where a dragon could actually ‘breath fire’.  Reign of Fire boasts a very beef and mostly believable cast and created a world you expect to see in the midst of a dragon apocalypse.

The Negative
Though there was much effort and heart put into the making of Reign of Fire, it was’t without issues. We found the stereotypical ‘The Americans are here to save us’ trope was over done and not necessary.

The Verdict
Though not required viewing, it’s an entertaining action movie.

Listener Feedback

Josh Adams
Such a great concept, such a great cast, such an awful film.

Seth Heasley (Take me to your Reader Podcast)
But is this movie British? Dean Martin, care to comment?

Dean Martin (Science Fiction Film Podcast)
Brrrrrrrrritttttiiiish as shhhhhhiiiiiitiit.

Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer Robertson The movie is complete fodder but I loved every minute of it. This film is so full of man candy a girl can’t help but swoon. The dragons were cool and the story was original I thought. The Americans coming to save the day theme made me throw up in my mouth a little but hey…there were numerous hotties to make up for it.

Anthony Farnsworth
Love what they were trying to go for here but man did it fall apart real quick. I would have preferred to actually see the world crumble. You know how in Fear the Walking dead they glossed over the 10 days of zombies ruining everything? I think they got the idea to do that here, such a big missed opportunity. Maybe “Remake this movie RIGHT!” should do this movie. Also Matthew McConaughey wins for sure.

Brian Campbell
Love the idea of going after an airborne, fire breathing creature in choppers. Jumping out as bait was also brilliant! It’s like slathering yourself in chum and jumping into shark infested water with a pocket knife! But wait, just when I thought it couldn’t get any sillier, Matthew McConaughey’s character pretty much jumps right into a dragon’s mouth. Was the idiocy intended to make the Americans look stupid? If so, mission accomplished! As Dean Martin would say; British as sheeeeeeeeeeeeit!

Drea Age
It’s a close call but McConaughey’s bad boy, I’ll bring this damn dragon down by myself with this pointy stick! just slightly wins out over the kinder, brighter pre-Batman voiced Star Wars loving Bale beef cake….but just slightly!

Katherine Heasley
Gerard Butler!

Ton de Witte
I didn’t have high expectations for this movie but it was better than expected. Not great, not essential viewing but entertaining. McConaughey loses because he did stupid things and you can’t beat Bale having a castle.

Nick Jensen
Liked the concept of the movie, it was really original. The cast is also great and the effects hold up really well. Re-watched this and was surprised how engaged in the story I got; definitely has some flaws and slow points but overall an enjoyable watch (though not essential). Have to go with McConaughey, looking super jacked with his sweet dragon tats and badass bomber jacket sans sleeves! But Bale and Butler are British as Shhhiiittttttt!

Scott Buchanan
Christian Bale all the way

Will Neville dropped us a note on the Facebook, saying:

Hey guys –

Love the podcast! You guys do a great job!

I commented on your post about the potential list of movie reviews you’ll be doing for 2016 but I also wanted to make a suggestion for the list. Have you thought about review The Last Starfighter? It’s a guilty pleasure of mine as it came out at the perfect time for me – a young kid in the 80’s who loved playing arcade video games. I would love to hear your guys take on it.

I’m also hoping The Final Countdown makes the cut. It’s another one of my favorites from when I was a kid. I think it was the first time that I learned about the potential consequences of changing the past – which blew my mind! This would be further reinforced a few years later after reading The Sound of Thunder, which was great! Unfortunately, the 2005 movie version was pretty bad unfortunately, as was the Butterfly Effect in 2004.

Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to upcoming podcasts.

– Will

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Reign of Fire