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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into “Robot & Frank” from 2012 and directed by Jake Shreier.

The Positive
This is a quintessential example of a movie holding up the mirror to society so we can learn more about ourselves. Exploring themes of Senior abandonment, the nature of friendship, and our relationship with Technology, Robot & Frank is a touching and laugh out loud story that is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

The Negative
Aside from a few nitpick things like music score choices and some minor character issues, It’s hard to find much wrong with this movie.

The Verdict
Robot & Frank had a limited theatrical release, and that’s a loss, because this movie deserves more. Haven’t seen it, haven’t heard of it?  Watch it tonight and you’ll thank us.

CBC article on Health Assist Robots


Listener Feedback

Josh Adams
This was a touching, if not unspectacular little film. Langella gives a very solid performance in a ‘square peg, round hole’ type of role, and Sarandon is her usual graceful self. The ending, as somewhat morose as it may have been, was still artfully done. Sarsgaard was a solid choice for the robot’s voice- not quite as smarmy as Moon’s Kevin Spacey, and not simply rote like you might expect.

I don’t own this film, which is my usual benchmark for a full recommendation, but it certainly entertains. I see this becoming a film that people come back to once advances in AI come to the point where they help in the healthcare field.

John Sheehy
Great choice

Nick Jensen
I thought this was a good movie and would have no problems recommending it to others. It’s a good story with a little bit of future tech thrown in to make it really interesting. Not essential viewing, but a good watch.

Shawn Smalldridge
This movie is awesome! When I saw the trailer for it I knew right away that this movie was going to be right up my alley. Frank Langella does an amazing job bringing his character to life. The relationship that builds between Frank and the Robot is fantastically done. It’s a gem of a movie that unfortunately got overlooked quite a bit. The effects are subdued but fit in perfectly with the vibe of this movie.


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Sci Fi Movie Podcast Robot And Frank