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The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast is hosted by Remi Lavictoire and Jonathan Colbon.

If it’s Friday night somewhere in Canada, you can bet a Timmy’s double-double that Rem and Jonathan are getting ready to record another episode of The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast.

Safe to say we’re not always going to agree, and that’s what makes it fun and interesting.  We bring different tastes and backgrounds to the table.  We all gush over films like “Serenity” and “Logan’s Run” and then we have to agree to disagree about films like “The Fifth Element“.  When it’s done, we hope you have a few laughs, and perhaps some new insights into the Sci-Fi movies we review.

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Jonathan Colbon

Jonathan “The Legend” Colbon (Show Host) was born in Halifax, but grew up in Vancouver, where at an early age he learned that nothing in life, including sex, would be as good as a well crafted episode of Star Trek.  A fateful meeting with a Dan Akroyd look-a-like saw him enlisted in the Navy for a decade.  He traveled the world and much of his career is shrouded in mystery and a source of much speculation.  He is utterly devoted to his son and his easygoing manner and endless jokes come as effortlessly as his perfect hair.  When he saw the internet cry out for one more opinion about Sci-Fi, he bravely and selflessly answered the call.




Remi Lavictoire

A veteran of Radio, Computer support, and other dark arts, Remi (Rem) Lavictoire (Show Host) has been a Sci-Fi movie fan since he was knee high to a Womprat, and first saw Godzilla stomping through a miniature Tokyo. Inspired by ‘Star Wars’ and terrified by ‘Alien’, these and all the films in between  have made Rem a fan of not only Sci-Fi  movies, but the cultural message they share. Sci-Fi movies show us the future we want, the future we fear, and shows us the technologies and though forms that can take us to either one future.  The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast is a great way for to explore those movies and themes that spark our imagination and prompt us to ask: what could be?


Ian Fults

Ian Fults (Show Host)
(August 2013 to November 2015)

Ian is the founder of Electric Lips Productions and creator of Zug The Friendly Orc, an animated children’s program with an Anti-Bullying theme.

Follow Ian and Zug on Twitter at @ZugFriendlyOrc




The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast is fan powered and we’re always looking for your thoughts, comments and ideas for the show.  Please contact us at or send us a voicemail using the vertical black ‘Send Voicemail’ on the right side of your screen.

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