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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Jonathan Colbon and Bonnie Beyea

Podcast length: 53:46

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Spider-ManThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “Spider-Man” from 2002 and directed by Sam Raimi.

The Positive
This was a fun start to what would be come the giant Marvel Universe, and it’s a pretty good telling of the Spider-Man origin story.  Sam Rami’s directorial touch was perfect for this story, and we saw standout performances from Rosemary Harris (Aunt May), Cliff Robertson (Uncle Owen) and the excellent Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin.

The Negative
We all agreed that Kirsten Dunst is a good actress, but had very little character development as May Mary Jane Watson. All her characterization is based on her relationship to the men in the movie, not very empowering. In the original comic, Peter Parker was super smart, but we really didn’t get that impression from Toby Maguire’s portrayal.

The Verdict
This might not be required Sci-Fi viewing, but it certainly is fun.  Watch this one and Spider-Man 2, which is better and skip Spider-Man 3.

Get more detail on V for Vendetta at Spider-Man on IMDB

Jazz hands!

Jazz Hands

Animatronic Goblin mask

And as Jonathan mentioned, here’s Jimmy Shaker Day on the Spider-Man Soundtrack Credits:

Jimmy Shaker Day


Listener Feedback

Samantha Robertson Baranowski
I loved the first Toby Spiderman, the other two were pretty meh. Willem Dafoe was a great Goblin, and James Franco always shines. I am speaking as a fan of Marvel films, and I know the whole comic book critic world may have other things to say. But The movie was a great movie! Sam Raimi always rules!

Jennifer Robertson
Can’t get enough Sam Raimi in my diet. This was, for me, the best of the 3. I really thought Toby McGuire did a great job. I thought the humour in the movie was good, with perhaps a smattering of cheeeeeeesey here and there. Not sure how true it is to the comic, but I did watch a lot of animated Spidey on Saturday mornings and it was nostalgic in that sense. Getting tired of the remakes though, no one seems to be able to nail this character’s world down properly.

Josh Adams
There were some sincerely good moments in that trilogy, especially the elevated train sequence in 2. On the whole, the trilogy was just too clunky, with a ton of repeated exposition on responsibility and power. As much as folks fawn over Sam Raimi, I feel that most of the trilogy’s issues stem from his faults as a director. Best part of the series? The casting of Tobey Maguire.

Ton de Witte
Entertaining movie, it was nice to see that the origin story was not changed to much. What I didn’t like was that Mary Jane was put into the Gwen Stacy story. And what was even worse was that she survived, the dead of Gwen Stacy was one of the defining moments for Spiderman. Essential viewing ? No but if you want entertainment this is not a bad movie.



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