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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 51:49

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - Terminator 2 PosterThis time on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan (He’s back from Las Vegas!) dig deeper into  “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” from 1991 and directed by James Cameron.

The Positive
This follows the original “Terminator” from 1984 and carries the story forward in the way great sequels do. With James Cameron at the helm, the story of Sarah and John Connor moves into dangerous new ground, and we’re introduced to an even more lethal Terminator in the form of Robert Patrick. Jonathan really appreciated how T2 started with a solid story before adding all the visual bells and whistles.  And the visual effects were nothing short of breathtaking.  The great thing about T2 is that the visuals don’t over power the story. They help to make a great story even better.

The Negative
It’s difficult to find much that doesn’t work with “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.  Ian found that making Arnold in to a hero was an unfortunate choice, and wanted to see a continuation of the Terminator as the villain.  We also found the lack of Edward Furlong’s action experience detracted somewhat from our enjoyment from the film.  While his performance is somewhat weak, we can appreciated that it was his first acting role, and he certainly did the best he could under those circumstances.

The Verdict
It’s rare, but we all agreed that “Terminator 2” absolutely essential Sci-Fi viewing. It’s a great sequel, strong story, solid casting and acting and the culmination of the Terminator Franchinse. Both Ian and Jonathan suggest you watch Terminator and T2 and stop there.  Rem liked T3 and suggests all four, even though T2 stands out as the best.

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Trailer for the Italian film “Shocking Dark”

Director: James Cameron

Writers: James Cameron, William Wisher Jr.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator
Linda Hamilton – Sarah Connor
Edward Furlong – John Connor
Robert Patrick – T100

Terminator 2 Trailer

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