Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Fifth Element


Hosted by Rem, Ian and Jonathan

Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Fifth ElementThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Jonathan and Ian review “The Fifth Element” from 1999.

This is probably the most polarizing film we’ve reviewed. We went from Ian absolutely hating it to Jonathan loving it, and Rem was sorta in the middle.

The Positive:
“The Fifth Element” is a fun and fast-paced popcorn film that’s a treat for the eyes and the diversity in cast and characters will keep you entertained.

The Negative:
It’s certainly not “The Matrix” in its depth. Actually, just about any rain puddle will be deeper.

Fun for the eyes, watch it while you’re reading “Game Of Thrones”

Watch the full Green Screen cut of the Diva Performance

Here’s an interview with Maiwenn Le Besco who played the Diva.

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Fifth Element