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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

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The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem are joined by Pi’ilani to dig deeper into The Hunger Games series based on the novels by Suzanne Collins.

The Positive
The 3 book series was made into 4 films and we appreciated the very good character development, these are people who are deeply scarred by the events following their participation in The Hunger Games.  We also enjoyed Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci as they supported Jennifer Lawrence in her excellent portrayal of Katness Everdeen. Pi’ilani found the fight sequences to be very well performed and choreographed.

The Negative
The prevailing feeling is that the third book could have been done in one movie instead of two. Seems like they were padding both movies to justify having the final two installments.

The Verdict
Even though the two final movies would have best been done in one, it’s still an entertaining series. We suggest watching the movies and then read the books after to pick details that weren’t present in the movies.

Listener Feedback

Facebook feedback from Shanna (one of Pi’ilani’s friends)

I think the movie was really well done and faithful to the series. One thing I always liked about the film is that anything that was added fleshed out the story. Usually they gave us conversations from Snow or Coin’s side that we knew were happening but that we never got since the book is only from Katniss’ perspective. I also think split these made sense. Even in the books it’s essentially two parts, Katniss recovers and assimilated into District 13 and then Katniss and the rebels attack the Capitol and essentially have to enter another version of the Hunger Games. My only issue with both the book and the movie is I really feel for Gale. He’s in a catch-22 cause the decisions and actions he took made sense for war but would never make sense to Katniss and I just always hate that he could never get a fair shot because of everything happening around them. But that’s my personal sadness over how that relationship shakes out. Not a critique of the writing.

Audrey Srod
I got into the Hunger Games due to the 1st movie, which is the best. After movie 3 I had to know how it ended so I picked up the Mockingjay book, that is the only book I read. The story was good, I like how things ended, and Peeta was the right choice for her. The movies did a better job of depicting Katniss. I disliked book Katniss, she was so weak, fragile, and indecisive. I hated all her mini mental breakdowns in the book, she was always thinking about herself or her small inner circle vs the larger picture. War was going on and all she cried about was Peeta, then Peeta comes back and she is a dick to him. Actually, she was a dick to him a lot even before the torture. She was her best self and treated Peeta the best in the arena. I like that she was flawed, but I prefer movie Katniss.

Scott Buchanan
A guilty pleasure I came across by accident. The first one was the strongest, with the 2nd one slowly revealing a broader world with twists on the games from #1. Liked #3 but it really is set up for the big finale. Jennifer Lawrence is strong and very human as our hero, while Donald Sutherland brings serious presence as the central villain.

My main criticism is that at times the surrounding districts feel tiny in comparison to the capital, which can take away from the expansive sense of the films. And we only needed 3 not 4 films (thanks Peter Jackson for this terrible precedent over too many movies). Stuff happening doesn’t necessarily equal plot.

To be honest I wasn’t the series’ biggest fan. Never read the books so I’m sure I’m missing out on the nuances and profound themes a film adaptation cannot accurately portray.

That all being written, the first was a bit slow, the second had much more depth and the last two were absolute departures in tone.

It became what it shouldn’t have been: a CG spectacle marginalizing its prevailing themes of freedom and faith (in oneself, others, etc). Plus it could have been done in three films, no doubt.

Huw Lloyd
Hi guys, stumbled across you on iTunes and have been binging on the podcast since. I haven’t read the books to my shame. However I’m really enjoying the films. What really impressed me in the first film in particular. Was that it never shied away from showing the consequences of violence both psychological and the physical.

Overall I really enjoyed the HG series (books & movies). I had reservations about Mockingjay because it’s the least interesting book of the series. And LGS made a mistake to split an already boring book.

MJ2 had some great moments but the last 30 mins fizzled – just like the books. But really enjoyed the emotional scenes from Lawrence.

John Sheehy
The Hunger Games world holding some potential interest I think is a rouse as this story never gets itself distracted from the mission of regard towards its lead character.
It’s all become shallow and boring as a cast pander to one person who then acts like a spoilt child… Over and over again
Is this essential Sci fi? Nope
Is this even Sci fi? …. Because what does the mirror to humanity reflect in you?

I would probably prefer my kids watch Battle Royale or Lord of the Flies…. But they’re small so it’s still all like ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Minions’


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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Hunger Games Series