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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults, Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 56:12

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - The Iron Giant PosterThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “The Iron Giant” from 1999 and directed by by Brad Bird.

The Positive
We loved how the The Iron Giant (Based on the Ted Hughes book ‘The Iron Man) really captures the Cold War paranoia of the late 50’s and gives us that realistic sense of how we’d respond to a perceived external threat.  This is a wonderful movie the whole family can watch, and the central theme of ‘You choose who you want to be‘ is a message that could hold great value for youngsters.


The Negative
The only thing Ian didn’t like was that he didn’t discover this movie sooner! Jonathan found the portrayal of the military seemed a bit stereotypical and one noted, calling them “Trigger happy Yabbo’s”.  Rem liked that the Giant survived and the end, but Jonathan thought the value of the Giant’s sacrifice was diminished because didn’t die.  We also speculated on why the film failed in the box office.

The Verdict
The Iron Giant might not be essential Sci-Fi viewing, but it’s a sweet and inspiring movie that you can share with the kids.

Director: Brad Bird

Writers: Brad Bird (screen story) & Ted Hughes (book)

Jennifer Aniston – Annie Hughes (Voice)
Harry Connick Jr. – Dean McCoppin (Voice)
Vin Diesel – The Iron Giant (Voice)
Christopher McDonald – Kent Mansley (Voice)
Eli Marienthal – Hogarth Hughes (Voice)

Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot

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Listener Feedback

Mitch Todd
Fantastic overlooked gem! I have always wondered about Pete Townshend’s credit and involvement.

Ton de Witte
Vin Diesel says more than: I am Groot

Brian Campbell
For those who don’t think Vin Diesel wasn’t worth the coin for his Groot role, I humbly submit Iron Giant. I love the cold war, retro vibe that this movie gave off and the soundtrack added to it. Little did I know that I would not experience such stellar voice over work again until the release of Zug the Friendly Orc!
The interplay between wide-eyed youthful curiosity, mistrust, and love just moved me emotionally, just like Micheal Bay’s Transformers movies. They had big alien robots too, right? Seriously though, this is just a fantastic movie in which I can find ZERO, NADA, NO faults. I say it’s a must see.

Josh Adams
This is such a great film- I wish it had been more popular.

Anthony Farnsworth
I love this movie, its one of those rare gems that no one saw when i was a kid, but you when you find that one person that did, instant best friends. Its such an emotional journey that covers the whole spectrum, anger, joy, sadness…not sure why every time i watch it the room gets real dusty right at the end frown emoticon on the flip side man does this movie still hold up as far as comedy goes.. Kent Mansly, work for the government. If you look at this movie and think “ah just another cartoon” wrong! Im 25 and still and always will enjoy this movie and do my best to introduce it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Was always hoping for a sequel, but as a stand alone film you can’t ask for much more out of it. Glad this was on your list, can’t wait to hear the podcast!

Michael Simshauser
“You are what you choose to be”. Very powerful lesson for kids and adults. Excellent cast of actors who you wouldn’t necessarily think of as voice actors: Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Aniston. Some great bits of humour with both the espresso scene and also watch for the headline on the newspaper when Dean, Hogarth and the giant go to the swimming hole. Great movie by a great director and if the ending doesn’t move you then you must be made of iron.
Disaster seen as catastrophe looms….right, aliens responsible…UFO seen by local man.

Roger Cousineau
Definitely one of my Desert Island Picks. I cry man tears every time the Iron Giant utters those last words : “I am Superman”.

Feedback for Flash Gordon

@sickbobb: Fantastic show again, just wanted to bring to your notice that Richard O’Brien also wrote the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Elizabeth Irwin
Another childhood favorite!! I still do the cheer: GO FLASH GO! GO FLASH GO!! I vacillated between playing Ming the Emperor and his daughter as a kid and went as Ming one Halloween. This movie continues to be such cheesy fun for me and all my friends.

I leave the critical analysis to you guys, and the always great Brian Campbell. For me? I judge on emotion and connection to the movies. In this movie we have the ultimate escape space romp. Just as I loved Buck Rogers, I loved Flash Gordon. Swashbuckling good fun with cute guys (even at 7 I could recognize cute) and awesome bird people, with the smart, busty, brunette sidekick Dale. This movie continues to be on my radar every time it’s on cable, I own an old VHS version of it and now that I think about it…it’s time for an upgrade.

P.S. Though it’s really not needed, I’m sorry for skipping out on the Matrix Revolutions comments. I have been super busy/traveling. However, truth be told, I often try to pretend that the movie, just like Hayden Christensen in Epi 2&3, don’t exist. (I hope you will forgive me mentioning He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named in an attempt to provide context to my overall disappointment with Revolutions… BURN!)

Mike Crate
I will quite happily watch this movie whenever I have nothing to do, it’s over the top, campy to the extreme but just so much fun. It is perhaps an example of a movie that would not be made today outside of the “B” movie studio arena and even then it wouldn’t have the innocent charm.

Roger Cousineau
Flash Gordon? Dang! I watched the wrong movie! I thought it was Flesh Gordon.
All kidding aside, like Jonathan, I have never seen this campy cult classic, so I guess I’ll have to remedy that this weekend (with the proper amount of libation, of course).
Great show you guys. Thanks a bunch.



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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Iron Giant