Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Last Starfighter


Hosted by Rem, Ian, Jonathan and Trevor

Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Last Starfighter

This week, we welcome Trevor back to help us review “The Last Starfighter” from 1984.

Ian has seen it over 140 times, Trevor and Jonathan have loved this movie since their teen years, and Rem…we’ll he’d never seen it!

The Positive:
The Last Starfighter” is a good, wholesome film that anyone can watch and enjoy. There’s plenty of action and comedy, some inspirational moments that kids and adults can enjoy. A major theme that runs through is “Grab on to your dreams”, showing that any person can achieve great things.

This is one of the first movies to use computer animation, and though it doesn’t hold up to today’s standards, it was very groundbreaking for 1984.

The Negative:
A fairly thin story line and the effects look very primitive. It’s too bad the actual video game didn’t come out in time to accentuate the movie.

A good film for Sci-Fi fans and they can feel good about sharing it with the kids.

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There is a computer game version of “The Last Starfighter”, and you can download it from Rogue Synapse, but be aware: we make no claims as to the quality of the game. Download and install at your own risk.

Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Last Starfighter