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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire,  Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

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Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - The Martian

This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan welcome discuss “The Martian” from 2015 and directed by Ridley Scott.

The Positive
A faithful and triumphant adaptation of the novel by Any Weir, The Martian tells an interesting and compelling story of survival against overwhelming odds.  There’s a high degree of scientific accuracy, and it shows a very plausible scenario around Mars colonization. Matt Damon plays the character of Mark Watney with all the warmth and humor we enjoyed in the novel.

The Negative
The Martian is an excellent adaption of the original novel. There were a few tiny points that were inaccurate (the initial dust storm that strands Watney on Mars), but whatever small points we bring up do not detract from the quality and enjoyment of the movie.

The Verdict
Watch the movie and then read the book. You’ll thank us later.

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 Listener Feedback

Bandrew Scott
Really great film. But it is not exempt from the law “If you read the book first, you’ll like it more”.

Corey Blanton
Loved the book, hoping to find time to see the movie this weekend.

Victor Drax
Great book, hoping the movie is as good -I’m setting myself up for disappointment, I always do this with my favorite books.
Mark is great in the sense that he’s “one of us”, he’s a man of science, but he explains things in a way that we can understand. Sometimes he gets a little too science-wordy, though.
To me, the best part of the book is everything that happens on Earth, I could relate to that a lot more. I hope that was kept in the movie.

Brian Campbell
The Martian was okay. I can’t say that there were too many surprises in the story. The overall lightheartedness of the film had me feeling like the ending was a foregone conclusion. I found that the only character that I was concerned about not coming home was a minor character in the film.

Kat Kraft
A few things I like: humor, non-violent, no need for romance and no helpless females, strong intelligent characters, good acting. My question for you all – what would your annoying playlist consist of???

Mr. Blahg (from ‘Under The Comic Covers’ on the Podcastica Network)
I really enjoyed the film… smart people making smart decisions. No villain, and no contrived sentimentality… plus, an extraordinarily charismatic cast. Two very big thumbs up!

Jennifer Robertson
Saw it opening night, what a treat! I loved the fact I still felt tension even when I pretty much knew the inevitable outcome of things. Damon was amazing, as was the rest of the cast. The Martian landscape was eerie and beautiful all at the same time. Finally, a DECENT movie about Mars has been made.

Joshua K. Reardon
Okay, I straight up enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I wish I had read the book before seeing it, but it was still amazing. The special effects were beautiful and for anyone who has spent some time in isolation, this rings incredibly true.

Matt Hurt
I saw it and loved it. And I love that the science in the book wasn’t dumbed down or overly explained in the movie. Obviously there are no long explanations of the equations Watney runs to figure out what he needs, but the methods used in the movie were presented to the audience without pandering. I really loved that.

Lisa Lyons
I saw it in 2d… and flinched when the airlock explosion happened! However… as with all great Sci-fi, it holds a ‘what if’ mirror up… and does it in such a way that my husband and I are still discussing what we saw, a week later! I’d call it essential viewing.

Dusty Tweedhope
Good book, and good flick. A few scientific inaccuracies, but that’s just my inner super dork being picky.
Comment on “Monsters”

Michael Simshauser
Today on a trip from Sydney to Perth I watched Monsters and then listened to your Podcast on it. I would have to agree with one of the first Facebook commentators with the point of the aliens being an invasive species. Here in Australia we have some introduced species so I get the bit about the US only trying to cull them every six years. As for the design of the creatures I believe there was an analogy that Gareth Edwards was trying to draw. When both the characters are first in the hotel room one of them is channel surfing and finds a documentary on squids/octopi and the clips mentions a mating through tentacles. I really liked the film although I did see parallels with Godzilla



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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Martian