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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults, Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 53:00

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - The Matrix RevolutionsThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “The Matrix Revolutions” from 2003 and directed by Andy & Lana Wachowski.

The Positive
We liked that ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ brought a conclusive end to the Matrix Series, and Jonathan and Rem quite liked the movie soundtrack.  The visual effects were awesome, of course.  But….that’s about it.

The Negative
The story is too long, too complex, and we don’t really care about the plight of the characters.  Rem called this ‘A bloated mess‘, and found it very difficult to care for the characters or what they’re trying to do.  Trinity’s death seemed to go on forever, and that’s a shame, because she was a character we really liked in the first movie.

The Verdict
The Matrix Revolutions is a film that really didn’t need to be made. If you’re big fan of the original movie, you’ve likely already seen both sequels. If you have yet to see ‘The Matrix‘, then watch it and stop there, there’s really no need to watch ‘The Matrix Reloaded‘ or ‘Revolutions’.

Director: Andy & Lana Wachowski

Writers: Andy & Lana Wachowski

Mary Alice – The Oracle
Helmut Bakaitis – The Architech
Monica Bellucci – Persephone
Ian Bliss – Bane
Collin Chou – Seraph
Laurence Fishburne – Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss – Trinity
Jada Pinkett Smith – Niobe
Keanu Reeves – Neo
Hugo Weaving – Agent Smith

Richard Wagner’s opera “Der Ring des Nibelungen”


Listener Feeback

Ray R
This movie took a giant dump on the promise of the cliffhanger at the end of reloaded

Jennifer Robertson
I saw this film and felt I had seen some good action and was happy to see those characters again, but I felt sad at how lost the simplicity of the first film had become. Over the course of the second 2 films it all became so convoluted and unclear you needed a road map to keep up with it (it gets to the point that when the oracle would open her mouth my brain would cramp). It took longer for Neo to admit he was “the one” than it does for the girl to finally hook up with the love interest in a romcom. That’s how this trilogy ended for me…like a bad romance. It was all giggles and cuddles at the beginning, then spiraled into a vortex of eye-rolling and a constant feeling there must be something better out there….

Brian Campbell
Riddled with clichés and the “Dammit” guys, Lock and Mifune, and Morpheus espousing his messianic faith in “the One” this chapter of the Matrix begins to roll over into a parody of itself. Seriously, drink every time Lock or Mifune says “Dammit!”. Call me in the morning.
As the war between the humans and the machine spills over into the real world, the dialogue that spills out of each characters mouth becomes almost laughable. In fact, as I sat in a theater full of local film critics, laughter did break out during Trinity’s prolonged death scene.
On the positive side, I did enjoy the final confrontation between Neo and Agent Smith, the action sequences looked cool and weren’t rivaled until some of the Marvel movies came out. Finally, as I reeled from being clobbered over the head with Jesus references, the film goes for the knock-out punch with “It is finished.” Yikes.
But, again, we get into the required viewing debate. I still maintain that a die-hard sci-fi fan should see all three Matrix movies just like I maintain that all the Star Wars movies must be viewed (and most have).

Ton de Witte
Neo completes his journey as the saviour of Zion and defeats the prince of darkness in the rain. Entertaining movie but not as good as the first, but then again there are only a few movies that are as good or better.

Victor Drax
The thing that I really dislike about Revolutions is how long it takes on stuff that doesn’t need that much time. The Smith and Neo battle takes forever and it’s pure effects, kind of like “We have to make this a big fight to add emotional resonance to it”.

No, my friends. It didn’t work.

Wayne Henderson
Although there are things I like in the Matrix sequels, I can admit that I wish they would’ve stopped with just the brilliant first Matrix film.

Doug Ferguson
You know, I actually enjoyed a lot of aspects of Revolutions, but don’t feel that it fulfilled its potential. One of the problems is that it’s very subtle, fulfilling the prophesy, but relying too much on audiences have paid VERY close attention to the second movie. As such, it feels like they’re making an art film when audiences were expecting a blockbuster.
I liked Neo’s journey to the machine city and his encounter with the machine mind is fascinating, but his battle with Smith starts to get a bit too cartoony. I liked a lot of the business on Zion though and many of the concepts within the film, it just needed to be honed in more. Another go at the script could have gone a long way. (Get rid of the Train Man!)

Anthony Jenkins
The matrix devolution


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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The Matrix Revolutions