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Hosted by Rem, Ian and Jonathan

Sci Fi Movie Podcast The X-Files Fight The FutureThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into The X-Files: Fight The Future from 1998 and directed by Rob Bowman.

Building on the popularity of the TV Series (1993-2002) Fight The Future takes the X-Files mythology to the big screen.

The Positive:
For fans of The X-Files, hearing that a full length movie was coming was a dream come true.  This is a film that had the daunting task of appealing to both an audience who’d never seen the series and a fan base with 5 seasons of material under its belt.  The movie rode this edges surprisingly well, giving fans all the familiar Scully/Mulder banter that the TV show delivered.  It was very good to see all the original characters (Cancer Man, Skinner, The Lone Gunmen) all contributing to the story.

This is a complex and meaty story that new watchers might not fully get on a first watch, but is certainly worth a re-watch.

The Negative:
Though the story tries to balance existing viewers and fans of the TV Series, many of the existing fans felt the movie didn’t push the story far enough or provide enough answers. Ian was a fan of the TV series and found the movie frustrating and extinguished his interested in further seasons of the TV show. Rem thought the idea of a rogue FBI agent was somewhat implausible, and Jonathan suggests just watching the movie, and skip the TV series.

If you want to get the skinny on The X-Files, just watch this one movie and you’ll be up to speed.

Director: Rob Bowman

Writers: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz


David Duchovny – Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson – Agent Dana Scully
John Neville – The Well-Manicured Man
William B. Davis – The Cigarette Smoking Man
Martin Landau – Kurtzweil
Mitch Pileggi – Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Jeffrey DeMunn – Bronschweig
Terry O’Quinn – SAC Darius Michaud
Armin Mueller-Stahl – Strughold

Trailer for The X-Files: Fight The Future

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast The X-Files Fight The Future