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Hosted by Ian Fults, Jonathan Colbon and Kyran Mountain

Podcast length: 59:17

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - They LiveThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “They Live” from 1988 and directed by John Carpenter.

We’re very pleased to welcome Kyran Mountain, Audio Producer and creator of MNTN Media.

The Positive
Sure, it’s a B-Movie.  We know it’s a B-Movie, but there are some very good qualities in this movie. Far and away, the story idea is what really drives They Live. It’s a compelling idea, and there are people who actually believe that Extraterrestrials really have invaded and are secretly running the world. See the material of David Icke to learn more.

The Negative
There was some debate on the fight scene and we seemed a bit split.  Ian loved it, and Jonathan thought it went on far too long.  Ian loves the movie, but Jonathan believes there’s a real nostalgia love for the movie that makes us think the movie is better than it actually is. Kyran didn’t like it, but agrees that the movie could certainly stand a reboot. The dialogue and acting were poor, and prevented the movie from being all that it could have been.

The Verdict
Keep your expectations low and you might enjoy it.  You’ll likely enjoy the story premise the most, and we’d love to see this one rebooted.

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Listener Feedback

Anthony Farnsworth
I put this on for my friend about a week ago, he was a little suspicious because he never heard of it but when John Carpenter’s name popped up he cracked his knuckles and sat up and knew he was going to be in for a good time. The movie has a simple premise and doesn’t waste anytime getting right to the point. It feels like whoever wrote this movie just saw “Network” and were mad as hell and werent gonna take it anymore. Ian is always going on about mirrors and humanity, well it doesnt get much more cut and dry than this movie, besides the whole aliens thing. I could watch the unscripted improvised fight scene between Piper and David over and over and never be bored of it. Fun fact, the cripple fight scene on South Park is a direct recreation of the fight in They Live. Theres nothing too deep about the movie, but all together its a solid good time. Definitely recommend this one, wouldnt say essential sci-fi viewing but if your going to watch it make sure you have your bubblegum! Take care guys, can’t wait to hear the discussion! Also glad you went back to 1 a week, smart move

Jennifer Robertson
I was 15 when this movie came out and back then I LOVED IT! I still quote this movie to this day. “I’m all out of bubble gum”, “this one: real f—ing ugly”, and of course the classic “formaldehyde-face!” I honestly don’t know if any other person (notice I didn’t say actor) could have done this movie as well as Piper did. I think the movie worked as well as it did and has stayed watchable over the decades because Piper does not take the part too seriously. I don’t see it as spoofy, but I do see it as a very fun film and I can’t think of another sci-fi movie that isn’t a bonafide spoof with so many laughs. We see a lot of horror and action sci-fi crossovers but not so many comedy sci-fi crossovers. Sci-fi, as a general rule, can often show us parts of ourselves we don’t necessarily like, and that’s all good, but once in a while it is nice to have a fun time with popcorn.

Seth Heasley
Probably my favorite movie poster of all time. Also, “formaldehyde face” is an awesome insult.

Lisa Lyons
One of the best quotes ever made and it was in a B movie! “I came here to kick ass and chew gum. And I’m all outta gum!” Great concept, reasonably well done. Good casting and stories, but implementation could have been better… But then it’s a B movie, so what do you expect? Essential viewing? Maybe, just understand that it’s a romp, not a high brow story! It’s fun! Rowdy Roddy Piper at his best, never would he get such a good role again.

Ray R
I absolutely love this movie. The backstory of how the glasses came to be is absent so there’s a plot hole and the dialogue isn’t exactly Aaron Sorkin but if you can put those two things aside this is a great and fun film. The less-than-subtle commentary on the consumer society sticks with you. I frankly never looked at a billboard the same way again.

I once tried to access the official website for this movie from an old employer after work hours and it was blocked with the category “Tasteless” and I couldn’t disagree more. I think the nature of our hero, crass and unsophisticated, that is actually part of what works with this film. This isn’t the president or the military or nations or scientists dealing with aliens – this is a guy on the street. He’s cool (for the time) but he’s common. If he ran for president he’d pass the want-to-have-a-beer-with-him test. This kind of everyman is lacking from most science fiction films except perhaps for the guy walking down wall street reacting when stuff blows up in a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich film. Despite all of our hero’s failings there is much about him that anyone can relate to. We’ve all walked into a grocery store and felt like something was different about everyone else there. We’ve all felt surrounded by mindless drones. We’ve all wondered about the true intentions of those in power. Or maybe it’s just me.

Oh but that fight in the alley where he tries to get his friend to wear the glasses…there was nothing redeeming about that scene. I loved when Duke Nukem quoted the movie

Brian Campbell
So glad you guys have finally gotten around to this little gem. Carpenter is really having fun with this inventive concept and with a great leading hero in in Rowdy Roddy Piper, buckle up kids, you’re in for a great ride! The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast has gotten so well at asking the question, “Does this hold a mirror up to our society?” Well I’ll let you put on your cheap black sunglasses and look at some billboards for the answer to that question. The good? Great story, original concept, and of course one of the longest street brawls ever committed to celluloid. And of course, any movie with David Keith is instantly 20% better. Just look at Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. What didn’t work? Well the pacing is a touch uneven (as in all Carpenter work) and the acting is a tad 80’s action-isn. Also, Roddy Piper is not wearing a kilt at any point in this movie. But that’s a small complaint for a guy who gave us Big Trouble in Little China a few years prior. Was this Carpenter’s pinnacle of his career?

Josh Adams
I finally watched this back in March. So much fun and even a bit creepy.

Ton de Witte
Big fun, essential viewing ? Yes if you want to know why you should stop having bubblegum in your pockets. Do aliens walk among us ? I know Elvis was one but he went back to his own planet.

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