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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire, Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon

Podcast length: 55:39

Sci-Fi Movie Podcast - V for VendettaThis week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian, Jonathan dig deeper into “V for Vendetta” from 2005 and directed by James McTeigue.

The Positive
Positioned somewhat as an historical piece, and a futuristic cautionary tale, V for Vendetta shows and dystopian future and asks what measures we could or should go to in order to overthrow and oppressive Totalitarian Government. We’re treated to strong performances from Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving and John Hurt.

The Negative
As with most of the movies based on graphic novels, we usually consider the original material to be superior and the same holds true for V for Vendetta. We found that Evey didn’t play as well on screen, and her motivations were quite different from the character in the graphic novel.  There were elements in the graphic novel that were missing from the film, and readers will certainly notice those elements missing.

The Verdict
This film stands up well on its own as a dystopian future story. It might not be as good as the graphic novel, but if you’re not planning to read the original story, you’ll find V for Vendetta both entertaining and thought provoking.

Get more detail on V for Vendetta at IMDB

(Jump to 7:55 for the Cannons!)

Listener Feedback

Nick Jensen
I really enjoy this movie. I’ve never read the graphic novel but I’ve always been interested in picking it up since I really like Moore’s Watchmen. However, I feel that sometimes reading the source material can sometimes make watching a film adaptation a bit harder if you have strong feelings towards the original; I’m interested on your thoughts on this if any of you have read the graphic novel. That being said, I think this movie is really entertaining and makes you think about governments and how they can/shouldn’t interact with the people they govern. Hugo Weaving is perfect as V, I’m so glad they got him to play this part. Essential Sci-fi viewing? Probably not, but definitely an entertaining dystopian future movie.

Ray R
I liked it – top notch performances all around. Haunting moments/plots that stick with you.

Corey Blanton
I have to say I really enjoyed V for Vendetta. I think I have a soft spot for movies about overcoming a fascist, over-controlling government. Natalie Portman is great, and still hot as ever, even with a shaved head. And Hugo Weaving really delivers, even with an expressionless face in the Guy Fawkes mask.

The character that always stood out to me and was the most captivating though was the chancellor. His constant yelling at his government underlings in those meetings on the larger than necessary big screen really gives you a hitler-esque feel to him that you can’t help but dislike and hate. But every time he was on that big screen, all I could think about was, ‘how much cocaine has this guy been doing?!’ His pupils were gigantic! All the time! But still a fantastic portrayal. Very entertaining movie, and definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Ton de Witte
Great movie, I didn’t read the graphic novel but saw the movie because the Wachowski’s were involved and I like the things they produce/direct/write. The movie is a bit strange because it is a dystopian movie in which a hero tries to change the situation to better the world but also a revenge movie. V kills everyone who was involved with which the things that made him what he is, it seems a bit that making the world better is more of a nice side effect to him. The movie is very well made, essential viewing yes to show that heroes aren’t always nice guys to. Now I am off to youtube to see if there is a film about the overture 1812 with real canons as intended. Remember remember V !

Jennifer Robertson
Best. Movie. Ever.

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Sci Fi Movie Podcast V for Vendetta