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Sci-Fi TV Podcast – The Leftovers Season 2


We’re very pleased to welcome back Karen from The Walking DeadCast and Wayne from The Packers Fan Podcast to discuss Season 2 of ‘The Leftovers’.

Questions to consider:

  • What did you think of this dramatic departure in location and characters for Season 2
  • Would you want to live in Jarden/Miracle?
  • Favorite Scenes?
  • Favorite Character?
  • How about the brilliant music score, and repeated themes, in both seasons?
  • Is Patti really gone?
  • Predictions for Season 3?
  • Who is David Burton?
  • What’s the connection to Australia?
  • Virgil (Shoot Patti) vs. Kevin Sr. (throw Patti down the well), how are Virgil and Kevin Sr. related?
  • Predictions for Season 3?

“While worldwide flooding is expected, we should be taking off before the rain begins,” “In the event of cabin decompression, place your oxygen masks over your mouths as we all prepare to take our last breaths. Please be sure to keep your seatbelt fastened, as everything you know and love will soon be gone. Flight Attendants: Please prepare for Final Departure”

Rem’s Points:

  1. Jarden seems to have become a beneficiary and a hostage to the Departure (They derive a big benefit from Tourism, but are now a walled off park where people tend to repeat even mundane events, thinking they’re preventing another departure)

(When the prisoner is released, the jailer also goes free)

Also, if Evi’s disappearance is really a departure, would that mean that Jarden was no longer saved?

  1. Bold moves, the intro at Axis Munde, introducing the Murphy’s in a new location
  2. Foreshadowing of David Burton, Evie and the girls were secretly part of the GR
  3. Lori goes from being part of the GR to trying to destroy them
  4. Seems to be a power triad between Patti, Virgil and Kevin Sr., but who really has the power?

For a real deep dive into each episode, I suggest you subscribe to Jim and A-Ron’s Podcast called ‘Following the Leftovers’ over on the Bald Move Network.  They go into much more depth and detail on each episode, and you’ve still got time to go through their podcast before Season 3 of The Leftovers starts on Sunday, April 16th. Find them at BaldMove.com

The Walking Dead ‘Cast with Karen and Jason, where can we find you and Jason? As of this recording, we’re into the last few episodes of Season 7 and war seems to be brewing…

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Next on the Sci-Fi TV Podcast, we’re planning to revisit the first two seasons of Twin Peaks, which aired in 1990-91 and will be returning this May, 25 years later.  After that, it’s our exploration of all things BattleStar Galactica.



Episode 1 (Axis Mundy).

  • Prehistoric pregnant women? I was looking at purpose here or just pure chance?
  • A bit 2001 with the classical music
  • Very bold move!
  • Not until the piano kicks in five minutes later do we even know that this is the leftovers
  • Evie meets Dr. good heart who has an Australian accent
  • Evie and the girls are silence in the car, one of the small signs we never realize that they’re part of the guilty remnant (Great foreshadowing)
  • The Murphy family seems pretty normal at first
  • There’s a cricket in the house!
  • Crack in the road is part of the tour, as is the woman in the wedding dress
  • Some dude is living at the top of the concrete tower
  • Letter for David Burton in Sydney Australia
  • We’re introduced to ‘Miracle’, Texas home of the city of Jarden, where no departures ever happened
  • Michael is selling holy water by donation
  • John goes to see Isaac, who does readings by hand print
  • John asks Isaac for a reading, but Isaac sees some bad stuff
  • Evie is in the choir, and Jordan has its own theme song
  • Girls run naked in the forest
  • John is on the fire department, and they torch Isaac’s house
  • Erica goes running and digs up a bird from a box in the ground, and it is still alive
  • Michael delivers a sermon, and Matt and Mary have already come to Miracle
  • Matt’s story about Mary is interrupted by the priest, weird looks abound
  • Dude brings a goat into a restaurant and cuts its throat
  • Perfect strangers cast member fakes his own departure
  • Kevin very cautiously put his hand down the drain
  • Michael goes to see the old man, and we see that miracle is walled off with security, guards and spotlights
  • Jon finds a pie at the door just as Kevin Nora and Jill arrive next-door
  • John introduces himself to Nora, gives them a pie
  • Nice barbeque
  • John thinks that Kevin is not being truthful with them
  • John was in prison for attempted murder
  • The cake comes out and Evie has a seizure
  • Earthquake in the middle of the lights, and they realize Evie is gone
  • John and Michael find the car at the quarry, walked in music playing
  • Water is drained out of the river
  • Cricket chirps

Episode 2 (A Matter of Geography)

  • This is the other side of the Garvey’s move to Jarden, focusing on Kevin, Nora and Jill
  • They’re planning to keep the baby
  • Big confessions: Kevin tells them about Patti, and walking in his sleep, Nora hires hookers,
  • Fast forward 2 months, Kevin doing laundry and Lily is crying like crazy, he’s got earbuds in!
  • Kevin and Nora go to a custody hearing, and they get offered another baby
  • ‘Where is my mind?’ is playing for Kevin
  • Fixing washer, buys shovel and digs up Patti, gets pulled over by cop intentionally and confesses about Patti
  • All this honesty seems to be really good for Jill, she visits with Tommy
  • Tommy is with Lori
  • Nora is offered 2.7 Million for her house, MIT wants to research her house because of its anomalous nature
  • MIT thinks Geography is a factor, and Nora could have departed if she was sitting at the table instead
  • Cop questions Kevin about Patti’s death, and the cop seemed very eager to close the case
  • Kevin gets his first visit from Patti
  • Kevin Sr. was released and is planning to go to Australia
  • They move to Jarden (Miracle National Park)
  • Dogs need to be quarantined
  • Kevin meets old man, who invites Kevin to come see him ‘about his situation’
  • The house they planned to rent had burned down, was it the one John burned down?
  • Nora spontaneously buys house for 3 million, Kevin is a bit stunned
  • They camp out the first night
  • The family takes possession of the house, Kevin has a fight with Patti
  • John brings the Garvey’s a pie
  • Merge into the Birthday party for John
  • Kevin flips out over a lightbulb, apologizes to Nora
  • Kevin wakes up at the river which is now drained, finds himself tied to a concrete block.  Goes to Evie’s empty car, puts hand on window. Leaves as John and Michael drive up in the truck looking for Evie. (Did they choose this spot thinking it might be a good spot for departures to happen?

Episode 3 (Off Ramp)

  • Crazy drum intro, Lori washing her car
  • Tommy has infiltrated the GR, rescues woman named Susan
  • Lori is writing a book, setting up an office and and space for people to stay
  • Tommy brings Susan to GR support group
  • Video of Holy Wayne at his beginning
  • Tommy is drinking, not doing so well
  • Lori talks to douchy landlord, he doesn’t want people staying at the office
  • GR member go to Lori’s meeting and try to intimidate them
  • News story about a guy name David Buron, resurrecting from a cave is on the TV as Tommy returns home
  • Lori arrives at office to find all their stuff out on the street and her laptop with her book is missing
  • Lori breaks into Landlord’s house, steal back the laptop, the runs over two of the GR standing on the road in front of her
  • Tommy tries to recruit the wrong woman, she blows the whistle on him (literally) and he get chained up in a truck.  Meg comes, has sex with him, and threatens to set him on fire
  • Lori buys a new dress for a meeting with a publisher
  • Tommy is very traumatized by the event
  • Susan trying to return to her normal life, but it’s not working. On the highway, she steers her vehicle into oncoming traffic, killing herself and family
  • During the meeting with the publisher, they mention a guy in Australia who believes he can’t die (David Burton?)
  • Lori attacks the publisher
  • Lori wonders why they’re failing, Tommy says it’s because they not offering people anything, so they take the Holy Wayne story and apply it to Tommy

Episode 4 (Orange Sticker)

  • Earthquake! Nora is alone and Kevin isn’t home
  • Evi’s gone, and Nora thinks the departure might have happened again
  • She faints, tries to connect to anyone, ‘did the departure happen again’?
  • Kevin comes back
  • Patti “looks like you have some explaining to do, sport’
  • Kevin tells Nora and Jill exactly what happened when he woke up in a drained river. Very refreshing to see the honesty!
  • Search party starts looking for the girls at the river, Kevin searches for his phone
  • Jill gets Michael to help fix the sink.  Romance is brewing!
  • Nora meets John’s Dad while buying Whiskey & Cigarettes (He’s like an old Danny Glover)
  • Patti helps Kevin find his phone in the drained river, tells him not to get in the truck with John
  • John takes Kevin to the motel where Isaac is staying, and John shoots Isaac. Kevin takes John back and Erica patches him up
  • Patti tell Kevin about her ex, and his ‘interests’
  • Nora has a drink with Jill, confronts Matt about Jarden, is it real?
  • Matt says Mary woke up one night!
  • Patti finally gets Kevin to talk to her (Rick Astley)
  • Tower guy asks who’s your friend? (Song from Grease “Better shape up”)
  • Michael scrapes orange sticker off their house

Episode 5 (No Room at the Inn)

  • Somewhat Matt Centric, montage of him taking care of Mary
  • Matt takes Mary on a doctor’s appointment, runners are trying to get into Miracle
  • Matt drops phone in toilet, then finds out Mary is pregnant
  • Matt stops to help people on the way back (Matt should just never stop for, or try to help anyone!)
  • Matt and Mary try to get back in, and John refuses to help them (John refuses to believe Mary woke up, miracles don’t happen in Jarden)
  • Matt and Mary have to go through the camp ordeal to try to get back into Miracle
  • Matt sees a guy in stocks
  • Nora sneaks Matt and Mary in the back of their car
  • They come upon a car accident where the two people who attacked him crashed, takes the man’s wrist band, but won’t take the kids.  They get Mary home, Matt goes back out to the camp and takes the man’s place in the stocks

Episode 6 (Lense)

  • Researcher goes to Miracle to explore the departure, goes to Evie’s house and then Nora’s house. He starts probing here with equipment and she throws him out of the yard
  • Nora throws a rock through the Murphy’s window
  • Damn Apple ringtones!
  • Nora meets guy from DSD, and he’s trying to get Erica to talk to him
  • Erica digs up another bird box, bird is dead. She puts it on a pile of dead birds
  • Nora talks to DSD guy about a new questionnaire and the nature of the departure
  • Nora asks him about ‘Lensing’, the possibility that a person could be responsible for another person’s departure
  • Erika has to patch up Dr. Goodheart, who got beat up and palm printed by John
  • Kevin left Lily in the hood of the truck, and he’s starting to really lose it
  • Erica has stuff stashed away, as if she’s planning to leave him
  • Nora possessed by A Demon?
  • Erica chases guy who delivers a pie to their door, she drives it back to John’s Dad’s place (What did the dad do?)
  • Nora takes Mary to see Matt, who’s out of the stocks
  • We learn that John shot the Dad at some point
  • Nora gets a call from Lori Garvey, looking for Tommy
  • At the fundraiser, Nora steals the new questionnaire from DSD guy (George Brevity)
  • Gerry the Goat man brings in a goat to slaughter, Erica calls out everyone who’d doing stuff thinking they’re preventing another departure
  • Nora takes questionnaire to Erica’s place, and applies the questions to her
  • Erica explains the bird thing (Bury a bird, wait 3 days, and if it’s alive when you open the box, make a wish and it will come true) Erica wished that her kids would be ok if she left, and the bird was alive when she opened the box) next night, Evie was gone
  • Kevin tells Nora that he’s seeing Patti, Erica throws rock through window
  • Episode ends with ‘I am a Rock’

Episode 7 (A Most Powerful Adversary)

  • Kevin wakes up to Patti telling him Nora has left with the baby
  • Jill tells Michael about Nora leaving and Kevin losing his marbles
  • Kevin tries a locksmith to remove a handcuff, doesn’t go so well
  • Patty tells Kevin this weird story about a chalice (Audio)
  • Michael watches Kevin have conversation with imaginary Patty, put his bike in the truck, and gets in the truck
  • They drive to Virgil’s place, and Virgil lays out the story again
  • Virgil tells Kevin how he must get rid of PattI
  • Who was Virgil’s adversary?
  • Kevin drives out in the woods looking for PattI
  • Let’s do battle!
  • Lori comes to the park to see Kevin, she’s looking for Tommy
  • Piano version of ‘Where is my mind?’ playing
  • Kevin goes to fire hall to get handcuff removed, and John gets his handprint
  • Kevin goes and talks to Lori, she believes he must take medication and do counselling, that he’s having a psychotic break
  • Kevin brings Lori back home
  • Nora calls Kevin, Jill comes home and Kevin drives off to Virgil’s place
  • Virgil gives poison to Kevin, empties the epinephrine syringe and then shoots himself. Virgil did the same with Edward, the guy on the pillar

Episode 8 (International Assassin)

    • Kevin wakes up in a hotel, puts on a suit and then kills a guy broken flowers
    • There’s a bird flying around the hotel
    • Virgil is the concierge
    • Is the bird flying around the same bird that Erica buried in a box?
    • Kevin saves little girl in pool, turns out to be a young Patti Levin
    • How do you’s father is such a dick!
    • Virtual tells Kevin he is an international assassin, and he must assassinate Patty, who is running for President
    • Virgil says don’t drink the water
    • Interesting how the closet changes to offer just one type of suit when he change his clothes
    • Kevin sees his dad on TV
  • Flowers are being delivered for Mary Jamison
    • Kevin get strapped to a chair and is questioned by Gladys, and Windex in the eyes!
    • Kevin Senior has a fire burning on the bed, is that why the fire alarm is going off for Kevin?
    • Kevin passes 100 man in a Mapleton cop uniform
    • Kevin gets patted down, agent says congratulations
    • Holy Wayne is a security gate agent for Senator Leven
    • Wayne said he felt déjà vu and remembered seeing Kevin the last time he was sitting on the toilet
    • Lots of offers for water, but Patty never touches the stuff
    • Patty says our cave collapsed about October 14
    • Kevin start shooting, Patty tries to convince him she is a double, and he shoots her anyway
    • Virtual smashes the bird with the binder
    • Virgil drank the water
    • Kevin goes back to his room, Neil has been locked out of his room and has a drink with Kevin
    • Neil tells Kevin that he’s dead, and can’t find a single woman to take a dump on him
    • Patty is wearing a sign that says “I need to keep my mouth shut”, Kevin takes young Patty to the well
    • There is a well in Jardin Texas
  • The music as a very surreal quality
  • The well is a conduit between the worlds
  • Jordan is dark and misty and Kevin is attacked by David Burton
  • Kevin and Patty walk to the well
  • What did David whisper to Kevin?
  • how do you seem so resigned and compliant, and says such horrible things about herself, Kevin pushes her in.
  • Kevin here’s adult Patty calling for help. He tries to climb down the well and falls in with her
  • Patty tells the story about Jeopardy and making money to leave Neal. Kevin drowns Patty and is covered in rubble during earthquake
  • Kevin crawls out of his own grave, and Michael says “holy shit“

Episode 9 (Ten Thirteen)

  • This is a Meg centric episode starts with Meg having lunch with mom. She’s doing a lot of Coke and mom has a heart attack
  • Meg and the boyfriend go on a tour of miracle
  • Meg goes to see Isaac the psychic
  • Meg meet EV and EV tells her and joke about the broken pencil
  • Later, Meg in the guilty remnant bored at school bus of kids and roll in a fake hand grenade
  • Meg goes to a nice house has a meeting with what appears to be the guilty remnant high Council
  • Tommy is holding a hug session, and Meg shows up for a hug
  • Tommy has a fight with Laurie leaves wakes up in a park and sees a woman abandon a dog at a playground
  • Tommy gets drunk, goes to a guilty remnant house looking for mag
  • Megan is going to miracle and brings Tommy along on a road trip
  • Megs ringtone is crickets chirping
  • Megan Tommy stop for a drink and we hear that excellent song from stir Joel Simpson
  • Tom is just completely lost here, and Meg is seemingly just toying with him
  • Meg takes Tommy to the guilty remnant compound, where an innocent guy happened onto their property, and they stone him to death!
  • We hear the song magic by Olivia Newton John, an Australian?
  • Meg goes to miracle to see the bridge leading into Jarden
  • She runs into Matt and has a conversation with him
  • She says to Matt “you’re waiting for me”
  • Tommy goes into the barn open up the trailer and finds EV and her two friends

Episode 10 (I Live Here Now)

  • Third view of the girls leaving, and we finally see their members of the guilty remnant
  • Kevin and the girls see each other at the river
  • When he climbs out of his grave Michael tells Kevin he was dead for eight hours
  • Against John’s wishes, Erica opens the gift, and there is a dead cricket inside. Would that remind Erica dead birds in boxes?
  • The imprint is matched to Kevin, and Jon and the officers take Kevin to the dog pound
  • Nora is taken care of Mary in the baby, earthquake happens and Mary wakes up!
  • Nora text Mary to see much out on the campground
  • Meg and Tommy are at the campground too, and Tommy is oblivious!
  • Make drives a truck and trailer to the middle of the bridge
  • Meg gets arrested and the three girls come out of the trailer
  • John confront Kevin at the dog pound, and shoots Kevin
  • John leaves the dog pound and sees EV on the bridge
  • Michael tells the true story about when he and EV were kids in the bathtub, Erica and John go to the bridge, and Erica can’t seem to reach EV
  • The clock countdown to zero the guilty remnant start a march across the bridge
  • Erica says she doesn’t understand, and EV says you understand, like Patty said to Kevin in season one
  • Matt and Mary start to cross the bridge, crazy camper woman steals Nora’s baby
  • Tommy for the first time in a long time does a smart thing by bringing Nora and Lily to safety in the camper
  • Kevin wakes up back at the hotel, and is not pleased
  • And the hotel music has come back with him!
  • This time Kevin chooses the police officers uniform
  • Gets a phone call of a disturbance down in the lounge, sounds like the Australian voice of David Burton
  • All the audio from the karaoke soon
  • Kevin gets up and sings the song home and was transported back to the dog pound
  • Kevin is bleeding when he returns to the dog pound and makes his way through a devastated Jardin to the medical clinic where he encounters John again
  • He also gets his dog back!
  • Then the dog leaves…
  • Kevin goes to the tourist centre and finds a whole bunch of guilty remnant including Meg, and she sings the Jordan song
  • Jon is patching up Kevin, and weeps because he has no idea what is going on
  • John walks Kevin back to his place, and wonders if Erica is home
  • One more earthquake is Kevin approaches home
  • Kevin walks into his house and everyone is there

Sci-Fi TV Podcast – The Leftovers Season 1


The Leftovers Show Notes – Season 1

Welcome to the very first episode of The Sci-Fi TV Podcast, my name is Rem and to help us get started, we’re very happy to welcome Karen, one half of the most popular Walking Dead Podcast on the planet, the Walking Dead ‘Cast.

And a big welcome to Wayne Henderson, from the Packers Fan Podcast, 11.22.63 A Look Back, and another mysterious tv fan podcast later in 2017. Wayne was also involved in the Resurrection Revealed Podcast.

On our first episode, we’re talking about Season 1 of the HBO series The Leftovers. We’re doing two catch you up episodes to refresh you for the 3rd and final season which begins Sunday April 16th on HBO.

We’ll spoil everything in season 1, but not season 2, so you have a chance to catch up on season 2 before we do our next episode.


Might be a bit of language here too,


Questions to consider:

What first got you watching The Leftovers?

The Damon Lindelof factor (Lost!)

Will we ever know the reason for the departure?

What else is coming?

Favorite Scene?

Favorite Character?

What other unanswered questions do you have?

  • Dean the dog shooter. Angel? What’s with his truck?
  • What does Kevin and Kevin Sr. have specifically? Is it that they’re resisting spiritual guidance?

Did the GR use real bodies or mannequins?


Thanks to Karen and Wayne for joining us, and we’ll be back with a look at season 2 in early March as we make our way to the third and final episode of The Leftovers.  Get all the show notes, video clips and more on the website at Sci-Fi TV Podcast.com




Episode 1 (Pilot)  



That song! “Retrograde” by James Blake


Kevin and his up in the laundromat with a crying baby in season two like the woman did at the beginning of season one

– Jill might act out less if Kevin actually told her what he was feeling and going through.  She acts out because she’s not being included or talked to. (Kevin won’t tell her not to go to the Memorial)

– What so obviously seems like the Christian rapture is being denied by Matt the


Tom reading ‘The stranger, by Albert Camus

lots of quick jarring cuts gives you the sense that there’s tension and immediate danger just under the surface


  • Empty picture frames

– The kids have lost all sense of meaning and purpose, and have become hedonistic.

  • Dogs, Deer and assorted animals.
  • Kevin keeps waking up on the floor
  • Tommy screaming under water
  • Dog shooter at end, ‘don’t just stand there’.
  • What caused the dogs to go crazy?

Matt as the Job of the Bible


Episode 2 (Penguins one, us zero)

  • Did Dean the dog shooter just give the black pickup truck to Kevin?
  • Can’t reconcile the black truck and how Dean would just give it to him
  • Chopping down the tree,  is that to demonstrate the nature of futility?
  • Why did Nora push the cup off the table?


Episode 3 (Two boats and a helicopter)

  • Stop light goes from green straight to read and then flashes red, and pigeons on top of the street light
  • Matt has the awesome creepy dream sequence!


Episode 4 (BJ and the AC)

  • Baby Jesus stolen
  • Christine accosted by naked guy: ‘ you walk over the dead, they’re all in white’, ‘I know what’s inside you’
  • Kevin tries to arrest the GR, for trespassing at the school
  • Kevin almost crashes car, loses control of it
  • Kevin driving black truck now?
  • Jill almost torching BJ, felt dark and sacrilegious
  • Tom takes Christine to hospital
  • Lori tries to serve divorce to Kevin by Meg reading a note from Lori
  • Jill gives Lori a lighter
  • The Twins return the BJ
  • On the bus, Tom and Christine find dead bodies in white all over the road, like the naked guy said
  • Kevin meets Nora (moments of brutal honesty)
  • Kevin and cops mass arrest the GR
  • The rest of the GR is breaking into homes and stealing pictures (also brutal considering what happens later in the season
  • Kevin finds Matt replacing the BJ,  and throws his away.
  • Lori tries to get light from gutter


Episode 5 (Gladys)

    • Gladys seems to be agreeing to something with Patty
    • Gladys and another GR walked past a man who has fallen, they offer no help
    • Gladys is kidnapped, strapped to a tree, and stoned to death
    • One of the hardest death scenes of any TV show to watch
    • Then Dean shoots some dogs?
    • Kevin has lost a bunch of his shirts
    • We learned that Dean actually exists, and is not one of Kevin’s hallucinations
    • Kevin tells Jill about the GR person who died. Jill thought it was her mom, Kevin explained everything, finally being a good communicative parent
    • Lori has a panic attack and goes to the hospital
    • Patty picks up Lorene from the hospital and take her to a hotel, plays the radio!
    • Kevin calls the ATF and leaves a message to be called back
    • Laurie and Patty have breakfast and Patty chats up a storm!
    • Kevin runs into Nora at the laundromat, they don’t have his shirts
    • Kevin questions Matt, asked if he was involved in Gladys is murder
    • Patty gives a speech to Laurie [grab the audio] 35:00
    • Patty writes the name Neil on a bag
    • Sean: he gets Gladys’s body shipped to Virginia, Kevin leaves another message and Taras him a new one
    • Patty leaves a bag on Neil’s doorstep
    • Kevin is having issues with the house alarm
    • Kevin talks to the agent finally, and the agent makes a dark suggestion that seems to indicate doing away with the GR (illuminate the infestation), something like what happened to Wayne’s compound
    • The agent offers to send troops to wipe out the guilty remnant
    • Kevin gets loaded, buys more beer, then goes and harasses the laundromat guy
    • Meg has stopped talking, dressed in white and rights to Patty that she is ready
    • Matt sets up a public address system outside the guilty remnant house, Laurie goes out with a whistle and blows it in his face
    • Matt seemed so hopeful when Laurie came out, poor guy takes such a shit kicking
    • Kevin tells Jill about the divorce, and she seems to really appreciate that he actually talked to her, Kevin weeps into a pillow
    • Switch to a facility where Gladys’s body is removed from the box and cremated


  • This is the saddest episode of the entire series


Episode 6 (Guest) Nora Centric

  • Nora conducts interviews for Benefits recipients
  • She spies on the pre-school teacher to was having affair with her husband
  • Nora hires a prostitute to shoot her (Blasting music)
  • Nora goes to court to file for divorce, runs into Kevin, who is also getting a divorce…she invites him to Miami
  • Nora meets with co-worker, he queries how she asks a particular question (Question 121 “In
  • Nora goes to conference, has to wade through a protest, and finds someone has stolen her conference ID
  • She meets super douchy guy named Marcus, and she really doesn’t care what he does
  • Confronts a woman who she thinks took her badge, but it’s not her
  • Nora makes out with Marcus’ body double
  • Hotel security kicks her out of the hotel
  • She goes to a copy store and makes a fake ID
  • Goes back to the hotel and confronts the woman who stole her identity
  • Nora meets the guy who wrote the book (Patrick Johanson) and flips out on him
  • Meets tall bald guy who takes her to see Holy Wayne
  • Nora goes shopping for her own groceries instead of her family
  • Kevin asks Nora out on a date
  • Nora does another interview, asks question 121 ‘In your opinion, do you believe _______________ is in a better place? Nora’s ‘yes’ streak is broken.


Episode 7 (Solace for tired feet)

  • Jill and friends are taking turns doing the refrigerator challenge
  • Nora and Kevin on fourth date, and they’re gonna do it!
  • Jill gets stuck, and her grandfather breaks her out
  • Tommy and Christine are in Gary, Indiana
  • Holy Wayne call Tom, tells him to take some money to one of his other concubines
  • Jill tells Kevin that his dad escaped, Kevin doesn’t tell Jill anything…constantly, very frustrating
  • Kevin has a dream of the dog shooter, he’s got a dog in a mailbox and dead GR members in the truck (including Lori)
  • Kevin wakes up with bandaged hand on the floor, and do tied up in back yard
  • Doesn’t look like a dog bite, more a human bite
  • Kevin’s dad busted up a library, seems he was trying to get hold of a National Geographic for Kevin
  • Tommy take half his money and gives it to the the other couple hosting Wayne’s other baby
  • Jill’s Grandpa shows up at home, and talks to Jill (He actually talks to her)
  • Kevin arrives, arrests Grandpa (Kevin Sr.)
  • Jill orders something online
  • Kevin doesn’t remember getting the dog or talking to Amy
  • Kevin Sr. is with Matt, and Kevin is losing it.
  • Tom learns about Wayne baby franchise and almost gets shot
  • Kevin Sr. meets Kevin at diner, gives him NG magazine, Kevin refuses (May 1972 issue of National Geographic) Kev. Sr. says ‘You need to accept it’.
  • Is Kevin on the Hero’s Journey in the Joseph Campbell sense?
  • Matt tries to quote scripture, Kevin tells him to fuck off.
  • Kevin goes to Nora’s, and they make the sweet love!
  • Meg tells Lori that Kevin is with Nora, Lori says ‘so?’
  • Kevin tells Nora he thinks he might be going crazy
  • Kevin finds NG magazine that Jill ordered, flips out on Jill
  • Wayne calls Tom, Tom throws the phone against the wall, goes home to see Christine has given birth to a baby girl

Episode 8 (Cairo)

  • Patti is bringing stuff to the church (laying out clothes), Kevin is cooking dinner (laying out a tablecloth and napkins)
  • Patty give a pile of money to Lor, asks ‘Ready’?
  • Nora has dinner with the Garvey’s, Jill asks Nora about her gun
  • Nice to see some romance as a doom buffer
  • Kevin wakes up in his car in the woods (at a cabin with Dean the dog shooter)
  • Uh, oh….Patti is tied to a chair in a cabin, much to Kevin’s absolute surprise!
  • Meg goes thermal on Matt for one of his posters
  • Kevin can’t remember anything, Dean explains Patti’s abduction to him
  • They’re in Cairo, New York
  • Patti will not forgive or forget
  • Lori disciplines Meg against violence (This is Meg’s turning point, I believe)
  • We learn Meg’s mom died Oct. 13th, the day before the departure
  • Meg apologizes to Matt, he accepts…this guy is a saint!
  • Jill and Amy fight, Jill accuses Amy of sleeping with Kevin (Nobody is ok) and that blows up their friendship
  • Great dynamics between Kevin and Patti, they talk about the GR, and Patti says they have no information about Dean’s identity, he prefers ‘Guardian Angel’. Dean: Go back to the truck, I need to talk to the other guy (Tyler Durden multiple personality)
  • Jill and the twins break into Nora’s house, and find Kevlar and gun
  • Really seems like Jill is just looking for someone to be straight and honest with her
  • Kevin leaves crackly message for Nora
  • Finds all his shirts on trees in the woods near cabin (implosion imminent)
  • Kevin goes back to cabin to find Dean put a plastic bag on her head, they fight, Kevin wins and releases her
  • Dean walks out, says ‘Shut the Fuck up, I tried’….was he talking to Patti or his own voices?
  • Lori and Meg me up with guys and a trailer to take possession of a bunch of dead bodies
  • The GR start moving bodies into the church
  • Nora goes home to find her gun has been moved
  • Jill goes home, Amy leaves (she seems essentially homeless)
  • Jill frees the dog and goes to stay with the GR
  • Kevin and Patti talk at the cabin
  • Patti about Gladys’ murder: ‘she was ok with it’….and when Lori’s time comes, she’ll be good with it too’
  • Still don’t completely understand this scene….
  • Kevin cuts Patti loose, and she cuts her own throat


Episode 9 (The Garvey’s at their best)


  • Kevin hides smokes under a mailbox, (Tommy put money under a mailbox, dog in a mailbox)
  • Flashback! Lori is talking and Jill is happy.
  • Nora and husband are awaken by her kids
  • Lori is a Psychiatrist and Patti is her patient
  • Kevin is a secret smoker  
  • Deer rampages through the school, terrifies the kids and does a lot of damage
  • Patti feels like something terrible is going to happen (like the world is going to end)
  • Patti says ‘Something’s wrong inside you’ (Lori is pregnant)
  • Nora wants to work for the Mayor’s campaign
  • Kevin Sr. is Chief and not crazy
  • Tommy got arrested, problem with his biological father, Kevin kicks his ass
  • Gladys is a dog breeder
  • Jill prepping for the Science Fair
  • Big party for Kevin Sr.
  • Mary is talking and walking
  • Seems to be some estrangement between Nora and Husband
  • Everybody at the party is happy!
  • Kevin: Why isn’t it enough? Kevin Sr. ‘Every man rebels against the idea that this is it’, ‘You have no greater purpose because it is enough’
  • Kevin runs, smoke break, women in a car ask ‘Are you ready?’, and drive on.
  • Sewer cover blows up in front of him!
  • Deer gets caught in house of a family whose son has Downs and departed
  • Deer gets hit by car, Kevin puts it down
  • Kevin goes to motel with woman, and she departs while they’re having sex
  • We see the woman with the crying kid that we saw in the first episode
  • Lori sees Mary in the waiting room at the Doctor
  • Nora frustrated with kids and husband, they depart when she has her back turned
  • Jill and Tommy form a human circuit at the science fair.  Someone in the circuit departs, and the light goes out
  • Lori is pregnant, and the baby departs right out of her husband


Each of the Garvey’s had a personal departure experience


Departures seem to happen at time of emotional peak?


Episode 10 (The Prodigal Son Returns)


  • Patti is dead
  • Spanish version of ‘If you go away’
  • Jill tries smoking with mom
  • Christine says about Wayne ‘He’s never coming for us’.  She abandons the baby in a public washroom, Tommy finds the baby and Christine is gone
  • Church dude asks Tommy ‘Can I help you’?
  • Jill puts on the GR white, defies her mom to talk. ‘Nothing else Matters’ played
  • Montage of bodies and clothes gathered…
  • Next morning, all the departed have been replaced with doubles
  • Nora goes insane after seeing her family back at the table
  • Kevin called Matt to help with burying Patti’s body
  • Kevin gets hauled into a mental hospital, given a copy of NG Magazine and a note saying ‘Stop talking to yourself and they’ll let you watch TV’
  • He’s taken to a lounge where his Dad talks to him.  Patti shows up too,
  • Kevin Sr. said ‘3 years ago, we realized why we’re still here’
  • Wake the fuck up!
  • Kevin wakes up in the car with Matt, it was a dream.  They stop at a restaurant
  • Kevin tells Matt about the other woman, and wanting to leave his family
  • Kevin feels tremendous guilt for wanting to be away from his family, and then losing them one by one.
  • Goes to bathroom and finds badly injured Holy Wayne
  • Wayne asks Kevin to make a wish, in hopes that he wasn’t a fraud all along
  • Damn, Wayne is a phenomenal actor!
  • Police burst in, take Wayne’s body and question Kevin
  • Matt and Kevin go home to Mapleton, which is about to explode on the GR
  • Riots break out, the community torches the GR cul du sac
  • Meg ‘We made them remember’
  • Houses burning, GR being beaten, general chaos
  • Burning house, Lori comes out, screams ‘Jill!”
  • Kevin goes into house, rescues Jill
  • Nora holds hands with the replacement bodies at the table, writes note to Kevin. She’s planning to leave
  • Tommy finds Lori by the ocean
  • Kevin and Jill walk home, find the dog, and Nora at his door with Christine’s baby